Concrete Laboratory Container

Our client required a fully heated laboratory space, so we designed and custom built it using two 12 m high cube containers.

With an entrance at either end of the modified containers, the finished laboratory was easily accessible. What’s more, we took the work to the client’s location, and assembled the containers there.

Changes we made

Some of the changes we made to make this a special container for laboratory purposes include:

  • Combination of 2 40’ HC shipping containers
  • Insulation
  • Pillars to allow for the roof to bear more weight, including snow.
  • Lockable access doors at either end.
  • 2 pairs of cargo double doors.
  • Fitted container windows.


Both of the containers have their cargo double doors in the end to make loading easier. 
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Pillars in the middle make the roofs stand larger amounts of weight. 
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Windows were installed. 
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The containers were seperately transported to the customer's location where we made finishing touches by combining them together and making the container ready for action.  
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