Bar Container for Events

New 20' container transformed to ready-made bar

We transformed a new 20' Standard shipping container into a plug and play ready container bar. This unit can be moved and handled by normal container chassis and machines, which makes it very cost effective to transport between several events.


  • New 20′ DC shipping container
  • 3 x lockable sales hatches with gas springs
  • 1 x heater
  • Two durable sales counters on the side
  • Lights
  • Electricity, sockets, electric intake
The long side of the container has 2 sales hatches, that can be locked with a padlock. 
1 / 4
One sales counter in the end. 
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The hatches use gas springs that enables light and secure usage. 
3 / 4
Sturdy sales counters next to the hatches.  
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