FAQ 5: The necessary permits for storage containers and purchasing a container

What permits do I need for my container?

The necessary permits for containers

Storage containers are temporary storage spaces per se that don’t require a separate permit for the placement of a container. There can be different regulations and stipulations in permit matters depending on your place of residence. In cities and city plan areas, the attitude towards long-term storage in specific can be stricter than for example in industrial areas.

The best way to ensure the necessary permits is to inquire about the permits from the local authorities and building control in advance.

Purchasing a container in during rental?

Yes, we offer our customers the possibility to purchase a container that they have rented. We can also agree on the purchase of the container after a certain time period already before the rental of a container.

The purchase price is affected by the rental time of the container, the value of the container and the amount of containers. You can get the exact purchase price for the container by making an inquiry related to a specific container.

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