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We made this FAQ to give quick answers to some of the questions we often face. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please enter your question in the form at the bottom of the page, and we'll give you an answer!


  • What does "handling fee" mean

    Every time a container is moved around in a depot, it requires a lift. The handling fee is a one time cost that covers moving the container around in depot areas. The fee is only applicable when you lease, rent or have a one-way deal with us. We never charge you a handling fee when you buy a container, so there is no hidden fee in the sales price, ever.

  • What do the different delivery options?

    A container can be delivered in various ways and for trucking we use 3 different expressions that are commonly used in our business.

    • Chassis / CPT (Carriage Paid To)
    • On ground / DAP (Delivered At Place)
    • FOT DEPOT / FCA (Free Carrier)

    Chassis delivery means the container will be delivered to the destination on a container chassis, but does not include dropping it off the chassis. The buyer must organize a crane or other machinery to load the container off the truck chassis. This is the most used delivery type in Europe due to better availability of trucks and cost effective rates.

    On Ground Deliveries are done with a truck that can drop the container to the ground with it’s own equipment. Normally, delivery is done with a side loader or a truck equipped with a crane. The standard delivery price includes 30-45 min of unloading time per container and extra time is billed on an hourly rate. If you don’t have a crane available or cannot organize one, then this is the best and only option for you.

    FOT DEPOT means Free on Truck in depot. With this delivery type, the buyer is responsible of organizing a pickup from the chosen container depot. The seller will organize a lift to the chassis in the depot, so you don’t need a crane or side loader for the pickup.

  • Leasing

    Would you like to order a container, but the price is just too much for your budget to pay in one part? No worries, we offer flexible financial lease service, together with our partner.

    We offer our clients a possibility to buy containers with financial lease. This enables fast delivery with little capital investment. This payment type is only possible for clients with a Finnish VAT-code

    • Fast handling times and delivery of containers
    • No big one time capital investment

    Minimal order of 500 € and Finnish VAT-code.


  • Do you buy containers?

    Do you have a container you don’t need anymore? We constantly buy containers from companies and individuals. Please send us information, preferably also photos of the container you want to get rid of, and we’ll make you an offer!

    Get in touch:

    Jesse Mattson
    +49 176 21 247 303

  • What is the difference between shipping containers and storage containers?

    When talking about steel containers, we usually talk about shipping containers or storage containers. They usually refer to the same thing, but they do have some differences.

    A storage container is made exclusively for storage purposes. Storage containers can’t be used for cargo, since they don’t fill the requirements of freight use. Materials used when manufacturing storage containers are usually cheaper than materials used with shipping containers, as criteria for cargo containers is much higher than criteria for storage use.

    A shipping container is built for cargo use. This means that the container measures up to international standards and is certified for freight use. Shipping containers are usually more durable and strongly built than storage containers. Most used containers are old shipping containers. You can tell a shipping container from a storage container from the CSC-plate on it’s door, as well as markings on each side of the container.

    When choosing a container, remember to inform us what it will be used for to save your self from extra hassle.

  • How long can a container be used?

    Shipping containers are made of corten steel, so they can withstand very demanding circustamces (wind, water, fire, ice, salt, sun) and rough handling. Initially, shipping containers are used in shipping for 5-14 years, and after that they are released for other use.

    Containers that aren’t used for shipping are perfectly suitable for use as storage containers. Used containers can be used for storing usually for around 10 years, but by taking good care of it, it can last a whole lot longer. Things you can do to extend the container’s lifeline include painting it, patching holes, changing seals, fixing the floor and taking care of or changing twist locks.

    New shipping containers are usually brought to Europe from China. In storage use, a new container can easily last up to 30 years! New containers don’t require special care in years.

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