Support and Sponsorships

Our way of giving back to the community

Charity and sponsoring good causes has always been major part of our values. Since the beginning, we have been supporting young athletes on their route to achieve their goals, as well as supporting local sport clubs to spread the joy of sports.

Seamen’s Mission

We share many of the same values as the Finnish Seamen’s Mission and appreciate their daily efforts. Our Finnish Office has been supporting the local chapter for many years and our Geraman office is also actively involved with the Hamburg chapter.

Milla Uusitalo

Milla Uusitalo of the Helsinki Squash Rackets Club is a young talented athlete on her way to the top. We aid and sponsor Milla to achieve her dreams.


We support and sponsor local football club in Finland called FC OPA. Our partnership has been ongoing ever since the club was found.


We have been sponsoring and supporting Finnish football club, AC OULU for several years in various ways.