Container condition rates

Condition rate

One way / uusi

Uusi kontti, saapunut rahdissa satamaan. Pieniä käytön jälkiä merirahdista ja käsittelystä.

Condition rate


Erittäin hyväkuntoinen kontti. Ollut esim. vuokrakäytössä, eikä kontissa ole suurempia käytön jälkiä.

Condition rate


Käytetty, rahtikuntoinen kontti. Kontti on ollut käytössä 5-15 vuotta ja siinä on ulkoiseia käytön jälkiä. Ovet toimivat, lattia on ehjä. Vesitiivis, ei reikiä.

Condition rate


Käytetty kontti, joka on vanhempi ja kuluneempi kuin A-luokan kontti. Rahtikuntoinen, mutta enemmän käytön jälkiä ja kulumista. Voi vaatia hieman korjausmaalausta.

Condition rate

As is

"Myydään siinä kunnossa kun on". Vioittunut kontti, joka ei täytä rahtikuntoisuuden kriteerejä, ja kontissa on vikoja.


20′ insulated container, ex-reefer

20′ ex-reefers are basic reefer containers with their cooling machine removed and replaced by a sandwich panel. This container is an excellent choice when you need a fully insulated container that whitstands heavy usage and moisture.

Containers are fully insulated with polyurethane. Inner surfaces are made of stainless steel and aluminum, which enable easy cleaning of the container. Ex-reefers are equipped with a T-bar floor and are also available as High Cube (HC) models with approximately 30 cm extra height compared to basic models.

All of our ex-reefers have been repainted and refurbished for long life. Available in all main European ports with fast delivery. Please note, ex-reefers are only available in used condition.


Length: 6060 mm, Width: 2438 mm, Height: 2590 mm

Inner dimensions

Length: 5440 mm, Width: 2292 mm, Height: 2286 mm. Capacity: 27 m3

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40′ Insulated container, ex-reefer

Our 40’ ex-reefer is a basic reefer container that has had its cooling capabilities removed and replaced by a sandwich panel. This fully insulated container is an excellent insulated container choice when you’re looking for a shipping container that can withstand heavy usage and moisture.

The ex-reefer container is a fully insulated container that has been insulated with polyurethane. The inner surface of the container is constructed of stainless steel and aluminum, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance. The ex-reefer container is also equipped with a T-bar floor and is also available as a High Cube (HC) container model, which boasts approximately 30cm more in height compared to the basic reefer container model.

Every single one of our ex-reefer containers has been repainted and refurbished to extend its life expectancy. Our ex-reefer refurbished containers are available from a number of European ports for fast delivery. Please note that our ex-reefer insulated containers have all been previously used and repurposed for resale. All units can be equipped with several accesories and modifications like lights, flat floor, entry doors..


Length: 12192 mm, Width: 2438 mm, Height: 2890 mm

Inner dimensions

Length: 11588 mm, Width: 2294 mm, Height: 2557 mm.

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