20′ Office Container, BASIC

The 20′ Basic office container is our most affordable standard office container model. It provides ca. 15 m² insulated and fully equipped, ready made space. Our office containers are designed for all year round use, even in harsh Nordic weather conditions. Their walls have a 100 mm wool insulation.

The location of doors an windows can be adjusted, based on your needs. Our basic model can only operate as a single unit and cannot be combined with other models for larger spaces. Larger spaces and special units are built from our premium models.

Walls 100 mm wool
Floor 100 mm wool
Roof 100 mm wool


  • Access door with lock
  • 2 windows
  • Electricity, lights, heating
  • Ventilation

Length: 6060 mm, Width: 2438 mm, Height: 2591 mm

Inner dimensions

Length: 5838 mm, Width: 2218 mm, Height: 2251 mm. Capacity: 25 m3

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