20′ Office Container, Premium +

The 20′ Premium + office container is the best model in the market. This unit has been designed and built on using only the best insulation materials for best efficiency and to be use even on the coldest locations on earth. Fully equipped with heating, LED lights and ventilation so this unit can be used within minutes after delivery. Just plug the power connection and grounding, and you have ready-made space at your disposal. 100mm PIR insulation provides superior quality over traditional miner wool since it is not affected by water so the insulation will never create mold.

This is your choice when you want to have maximum usability even on hard conditions, you want efficiency or you a looking for space you want to use for longer time. 20′ Premium + units can be combined together to form larger spaces. The placement of doors and windows can be customised based on your need. Available only in Europe

Standard Colors
Light Grey RAL 7035
Dark Grey RAL 7024

Walls 100mm PIR
Floor 100mm PIR
Roof 100mm PIR


  • Entry door with lock
  • 2 windows
  • Electricity, lights, heating
  • Ventilation

Length: 6050 mm, Width: 2430 mm, Height: 2790 mm

Inner dimensions

Length: 5838 mm, Width: 2218 mm, Height: 2304 mm. Capacity: 26 m3

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