20′ Open Side container

20′ Open Side (OS) or Full Side Access (FSA) shipping container is a ISO standard container suitable for international transportation. The container has basic pair doors in one end, and full side access on one side of the container. This provides optimal loading access with a forklift and for loading oversize cargo.

Open side containers are also widely used in events and festivals as stands or pop up stores, as it provides a fast, safe and weatherproof solution without any minimal setting up. The unit can be equipped with with several accessories. Available only in new condition.

Available also in High Cube and with Double Door model.


Length: 6058 mm, Width: 2438 mm, Height: 2591 mm

Inner dimensions

Length: 5898 mm, Width: 2288 mm, Height: 2299 mm. Capacity: 31 m3

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