Cargosorb Desiccants

Cargosorb desiccants keep moisture away from containers and storage rooms.

When transporting shipping containers, the cargo needs to withstand changing weather conditions and temperatures, which can cause condensation harmful to the cargo. Cargosorb desiccants are designed to easily and cost efficiently prevent this from happening.

The desiccant is designed so that it’s front side collects the moisture and the backside is sealed. Because of this, it can be assembled into the container in many ways, for example straight on top of the cargo.

The Cargosorb comes to it’s full potential when used in a shipping container. It’s body is shaped so that it fits the grooves on a container’s wall, and on the end of the desiccant is a hook for hanging it from the rings found on container’s ceiling boundaries.

One Cargosorb desiccant can collect up to 4 kg of moisture!