More office space

We provide extra office space for the Nordic market leader in premium fish products.
Hätälä sustainably produces fair northern fish close to the Arctic Circle in Finland with 80 years of experience. They were running out of office space and contacted us to come up with a solution.
Baseline and needs

Hätälä Oy was founded in Oulu, Finland, in 1938. The company manufactures and markets high-quality fish products, and approximately 15 million kilograms of fish are processed at the factories every year. Hätälä Oy was the first Finnish company in the fish sector to receive the acknowledged international BRC quality system certificate.

In 2013, the Oulu office of Hätälä Oy realised it needed more space to accommodate growing production. Additional space was created by converting the old offices into production use, and, consequently, the personnel needed new office premises. CEO Riku Isohätälä contacted us, and together we embarked on creating office space for the personnel by using our office containers.

MC Containers and Hätälä Oy have already cooperated since 1999.

Solution and implementation

The design for new office space began by drawing a floor plan according to the wishes of Hätälä Oy.  The plan encompassed six office containers, a door tunnel and a ridge roof. After Hätälä Oy approved the plan, the implementation began.

MC Containers supplied the agreed office containers and was responsible for their delivery and installation. We also took care of the manufacturing and installation of additional structures. As a result, Hätälä Oy received ready-to-use office premises with a short deadline.

Asiakkaan kommentit

Our company has cooperated with MC Containers for a long time. When the need for extra space became apparent in 2013, it was easy to give this good cooperation partner a call and ask for the best solution.

They provided us with a turn-key service, and the additional space brought by the office containers has worked well.

Riku Isohätälä, General Manager, Hätälä Oy

We delivered and installed the office containers.
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Each container offers approximately 15 square meters of space.
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Office containers from outside.
3 / 6
An outdoor corridor between containers.
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A warm office space for use throughout the year.
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Electricity, lights and heating included. The office is easy to expand further in case it becoming too crowded again!
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