Container Repairs & Modifications

Repairs and spare parts in Finland
We repair and modify containers in our own depot in Oulu, North Finland. Our services includes repairs of ISO shipping containers, tank containers and reefers.

When you need a reliable partner to repair containers or provide spare parts for them in Finland, look no further. Our professional team and privately owned container depot in the Port of Oulu is ready to assist you. We repair and modify containers fast, reliable and cost effective.

In addition to repairing containers, we provide spare parts to all container models, including reefer parts for all brands with delivery anywhere in Finland. Since 2017, we have been the authorized dealer for Thermo King reefers in Finland.

In repair services, we adhere to the standards, demands and practices of the field. We give our customers an estimate of the price for the repair work, and after the customer’s approval, begin the repair work as agreed. Therefore, you will always know the price of your container’s repair work in advance.

Examples of repair work
  • Repairing container floors
  • Straightening the container walls
  • Replacing the door sealings
  • Patching holes
  • Washing containers and tanks
Reefer Services
  • Thermo King warranty and other repairs
  • Carrier and Daikin repairs
  • Spare parts for all reefer brands
  • Washing and PTI
The floor of a shipping container repaired and ready for freight use.
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Fixing the ceiling of a shipping container.
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Changing the gaskets on a shipping container door.
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