An impressive premise aside a lively cycle path.

A ready solution for a special bike shop built from two premium containers.

We built and delivered our customer a totally unique, plug-and-play solution, using two 7x3,3 m containers. Our customer added finishing touches by building a terrace in front of the shop.

Changes we made

  • Two new 7×3,3 m containers with colours matching customer’s brand.
  • Led lighting
  • Glass doors
  • Ventilation, electricity and heating
  • Air-source heat pump
When you see this container bike shop, you'll almost wish your bike needed fixing! 
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Our customer added a snazzy terrace in front of the shop. 
2 / 6
The space serves as a perfect bikeshop. 
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The container with glass walls serves as the storefront, while the other container is used for inventory. 
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Because of the 7,33 m containers and glass walls, the shop is very spacious and bright inside. 
5 / 6
Lights, electricity, ventilation and heating included! 
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