First response fire fighting container

Now here’s a container you won’t see at every street corner!

We’ve built a ready-for-use initial fire extinguishing container to fit a very specific customer need. Starting with the gorgeous green exterior, every little detail inside and out has been thought out to serve the purpose of the container.

In case of a fire, time and functionality are of essence. That’s why the container has doors on three sides: to make the storage inside easy to reach. The container is equipped with lights and heaters so that the equipment is easy to find and frost-free even during the dark winter months in the north. The walls are reinforced to support the weight of fire extinguishing gear hung on the walls. To keep thieves at bay the doors are locked with quality locks from Abloy.

What’s especially unique about this container is its built-in water tank. No need to run around looking for a water tap next time there’s a fire!

Changes made

  • Wicket doors on the long sides, Abloy locks
  • LED lighting on the ceiling
  • Heaters and natural ventilation
  • Fixed storage shelves and reinforced separation walls for hanging fire fighting equipment
  • Fire compartments
  • Built-in water tank
  • Interchangeable platform railings with both a cable lift and a lifting hook

First response fire fighting container


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