A 40’ Container with a tarpaulin side opening.

12 m shipping container, with it's other side wall replaced with an easy to open tarpaulin.

We custom built this 40’ tarpaulin container with side, which required us to modify the container by replacing one of its sidewalls with an easily accessible tarpaulin opening on trails. The tarpaulin side container means that loading and unloading this modified container is both easy and efficient.

We made the following changes

  • Durable tarpaulin with trails, divided into two parts.
  • Center removable pillar to allow for bearing more weight, such as snow.
  • Easy to open tarpaulin side, which can be opened from either end of the modified container
  • A rubber protection strip close to the roof to prevent trails and the container interior from being damaged by rain and moisture.
One of the long 12 m sides is replaced with a two parted tarpaulin on trails. 
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Removable pillar in the center of the open wall. 
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The rubber strip on the edge of the roof prevents the container's trails and interior from getting wet when it rains. 
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