Container Accessories

We also offer many accessories for containers and transportation, including Gorilla Bags for packing, Carcosorb desiccants for keeping moisture away and all spare parts for Thermo King and other reefers.

We also sell and rent Confoot container legs in Europe. We also provide all spare parts for all kinds of containers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us anyways and we’ll get it for you!

Container condition rates

Condition rate

One way / uusi

Uusi kontti, saapunut rahdissa satamaan. Pieniä käytön jälkiä merirahdista ja käsittelystä.

Condition rate


Erittäin hyväkuntoinen kontti. Ollut esim. vuokrakäytössä, eikä kontissa ole suurempia käytön jälkiä.

Condition rate


Käytetty, rahtikuntoinen kontti. Kontti on ollut käytössä 5-15 vuotta ja siinä on ulkoiseia käytön jälkiä. Ovet toimivat, lattia on ehjä. Vesitiivis, ei reikiä.

Condition rate


Käytetty kontti, joka on vanhempi ja kuluneempi kuin A-luokan kontti. Rahtikuntoinen, mutta enemmän käytön jälkiä ja kulumista. Voi vaatia hieman korjausmaalausta.

Condition rate

As is

"Myydään siinä kunnossa kun on". Vioittunut kontti, joka ei täytä rahtikuntoisuuden kriteerejä, ja kontissa on vikoja.


Cargosorb Desiccants

Cargosorb desiccants keep moisture away from containers and storage rooms.

When transporting shipping containers, the cargo needs to withstand changing weather conditions and temperatures, which can cause condensation harmful to the cargo. Cargosorb desiccants are designed to easily and cost efficiently prevent this from happening.

The desiccant is designed so that it’s front side collects the moisture and the backside is sealed. Because of this, it can be assembled into the container in many ways, for example straight on top of the cargo.

The Cargosorb comes to it’s full potential when used in a shipping container. It’s body is shaped so that it fits the grooves on a container’s wall, and on the end of the desiccant is a hook for hanging it from the rings found on container’s ceiling boundaries.

One Cargosorb desiccant can collect up to 4 kg of moisture!

Gorilla Airbags

Gorilla airbags keep your cargo firmly in place and prevent it from being damaged when transporting in a container. These polywoven, water and moisture resistant airbags can stand tremendous pressure!

The product can be used for many purposes and it comes in many sizes. We can also provide samples for testing. We recommend also getting the filling pistol for low filling times.

Minimum order quantities vary depending on the model. We also provide small sample orders for test purpose on request.


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Confoot CF Container Legs

The Confoot CF is our standard container leg model. It can withstand a weight of 30 tons. The legs are very simple to use and only one person is required for installing them. 

Confoot legs have been statically and dynamically tested and measured with the very specific CF EN 283 testing program. Both the testing program and testing methods are certified.

  • Single leg weighs only 24 kg
  • Patented design
  • Innovative magnetic attachment for keeping the leg straight
  • Only one person required for installing

One set includes 4 CF legs.

Confoot CFP Container Legs

Confoot CFP container legs are designed for use especially on loading bridges, when you want the container attached to the bridge so that it’s doors can be fully opened. The easy to use legs withstand the maximum weight of 30 tons, so loading with a forklift is no problem.

Confoot legs have been statically and dynamically tested and measured with the very specific CF EN 283 testing program. Both the testing program and testing methods are certified.

  • Designed specifically for loading bridges, max. weight 30 tons
  • The container can be attached to the loading bridge so that it’s doors can fully open
  • The container can be loaded with a forklift while attached to the loading bridge
  • One leg weighs only 24 kg
  • Patended design
  • Only one person needed for installing

One set includes 2 CFP-legs and 2 CF-legs.