Customized solutions for the Energy Sector

We are specialised to serve the demanding requirements of the Energy Sector. Our custom-made containers can be equipped with full HVAC systems, EX-graded installations and turnkey Fire Suppression systems. Over the years we have built Li-Ion battery testing and storage containers and a multitude of solutions for mining and the Wind Power industry. Every project is unique but the high quality and fast delivery time is always guaranteed. Get in touch with us and let’s build your container project!

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Custom spaces from start to finish

HVAC system

We design and install full HVAC systems based on client requirements. Installations cover also EX 1&2 graded installations and services ranging from Cooling to fully automated ventilation systems.

Fire suppression systems

We provide turn-key solutions for fire suppression systems with our partners. Containers can be equipped with Fire graded insulation, and in addition to Aerosol systems we can install watering connections for extra safety.

Container Design

Based on clients requirements we do cable throughs, cuttings, re-painting, windows, doors and pretty much any modification that is needed. Our design crew helps you to find the best solution for each usage.

Examples or our previous builds

Easy ordering process

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Contact us and let us know more about your container needs.

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We'll find the best solution for you and provide a no-obligation quotation.

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  • What does "handling fee" mean?

    Every time a container, whether it is a container for lease or sale, is moved around a depot, it requires a lift. The handling fee is a one-time cost that covers moving the container around in the depot areas. The fee is only applicable when you lease a container or have a one-way deal with us. We never charge you a handling fee when you buy a container outright, so there are no hidden costs.

  • What do the different container delivery options mean?

    It does not matter if you buy or lease a container; MC Containers can deliver it to you. We use a variety of container delivery methods, including the following container trucking methods:

    • Chassis / CPT (Carriage Paid To)
    • On ground / DAP (Delivered At Place)
    • FOT DEPOT / FCA (Free Carrier)

    Chassis delivery means that your new, used or modified container will be delivered to the destination on a container chassis. However, this service does not include removing it from the chassis. If you decide to buy a container, it is your responsibility to organize a crane or another piece of machinery to offload it. This is the most common container delivery method in Europe due to the better availability of trucks and cost effective rates.

    On Ground Deliveries are done with a truck that can drop the container to the ground with it’s own equipment. Normally, the container delivery is done using a side loader or a truck equipped with a crane. The standard delivery price includes 30-45 min of unloading time per container and any extra time is billed at an hourly rate. If you don’t have a crane available or cannot organize one then this is the best and only option for you.

    FOT DEPOT means Free on Truck in depot. With this container delivery method, the buyer is responsible for organizing a pickup from the chosen container depot. The seller will organize a lift to the chassis in the container depot, so you will not need a crane or side loader for the pickup.

  • Financial leasing

    Would you like to buy a shipping container, but the price is just too much for your budget to pay in one payment? No worries, together with our partner we offer a flexible financial container lease service. We offer our clients the possibility of buying containers through a financial lease plan. This enables fast delivery with little capital investment. This payment type is only possible for clients with a Finnish VAT number.

    • Fast handling times and delivery of containers
    • Staggered affordable payments


    To order a shipping container through our lease plan service, the minimum order must be at least 500€, and the person leasing must have a European VAT number.

  • Do you buy containers?

    Do you have a container you don’t need anymore? We are constantly buying used containers from companies and individuals. Please send us information about the container such as its age, previous use, dimensions, and preferably also photos of the container for sale. If we think that we can use your previously used container, we will make you an offer based on our estimation.

    Get in touch:

    Jesse Mattson
    +49 176 21 247 303

  • What's the difference between shipping containers and storage containers?

    When we refer to steel containers, we are usually talking about shipping containers or storage containers. They are very similar, but there are a few differences.
    A storage container is designed and made exclusively for storage purposes. Storage containers cannot be used for cargo, as they do not fulfil container for freight use requirements. Typically, the material that is used to build storage containers is cheaper than shipping containers, which is mainly due to the international freight container criteria and standards.

    A shipping container is designed and built specifically for cargo use. In this case, the shipping container must meet all the stringent international container standards and be certified for freight use. Containers for shipping are more durable compared to the standard storage container. Many of the used and modified containers that are sold are ex-storage containers, which can be determined by the CSC plate on the shipping container door as well as discernable markings on either side of the old shipping container.

  • How long can a container be used?

    Shipping containers are made of corten steel. This sturdy material enables them to withstand extreme circumstances (wind, water, fire, ice, salt, sun) and any possible rough handling. A shipping container is used from 5-14 years for shipping; after this, they are released and used for other purposes, such as storage containers or modified container units for food and offices.

    Containers that are not used for shipping are perfectly suitable to be used as storage containers. If taken care of, a used shipping container can be used for storage up to 10 years. It is also possible to extend the storage container’s use by regular maintenance, such as, painting, patching holes, changing seals, fixing the floor and taking care of or changing twist locks.

    New shipping containers are usually brought to Europe from China. A new container can last anywhere up to 30 years when used as storage as long as it is looked after properly.