10' Fire-rated Storage

Convenient, movable storage unit with EI60 fire-rated insulation and insides fully covered with aluminum. Also equipped with electricity, lights, heating and ventilation system.

This modified special container was built for a Nordic customer looking for a secure and versatile equipment storage space.

The choice of a 10′ STORAGE CONTAINER as the base was simple because of the requested size and the intended usage of the container. Due to the nature of the storable equipment, the container was fully equipped with EI60 fire-rated insulation and aluminum surfaces. The container also got lights, electricity and ventilation to be functional even in the harsh Nordic winter conditions.

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Technical details

Basic info

  • New 10′ storage container in a standard light grey color
  • 100mm EI60 fire-graded insulation installed on walls, doors and ceiling
  • 100mm thick XPS insulation installed underneath the floor
  • Floor covered with aluminum checker plate
  • Walls, doors and ceiling covered with 1,5mm aluminum plate. Gaps in between the sheets covered with an extra strip of aluminum to make the seams airtight.


  • Electricity installations according to country-specific regulations
  • 16A/400V 5-pin inlet
  • Ground point
  • Switchboard (5pcs C10A circuit breakers)
  • 1pcs 230V socket inside
  • 1pcs ENSTO BETA BT 1500W heater
  • Floodlight with motion sensor over the double doors


  • D125 duct fan with grille and stepless thyristor speed controller
  • D100 supply air valve with filter and cover grille


Matti Gossler

Regional Director EU and International


Tel. +49 172 41 00 428


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