MC Containers’ reefers are HACCP compliant

MC Containers’ reefers are HACCP compliant

At MC Containers, we prioritize safety and quality in every aspect of our services. We are thus proud to announce that our reefer containers adhere to the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) System, meeting the rigorous standards of the Codex Alimentarius.

Therefore, reefers rented or purchased from MC Containers are HACCP compliant and meet the global requirements for food safety.


Why HACCP matters?

Customer Confidence: Our HACCP-certified reefers assure customers that their goods are stored and transported in containers meeting the highest safety standards.

Global Compliance: HACCP is a food safety regulation system used all over the world, including the EU. As a global supplier, MC Containers ensures that our reefers comply with international standards, making them trustworthy wherever you are.

Risk Mitigation: HACCP compliancy entails that potential hazards in the MC Containers sales, rental and construction process of reefers are proactively identified and controlled to minimize risks associated with food contamination.


MC Containers is a global supplier and repair shop for refrigerated containers. The newly-acquired HACCP certification stands as proof of the quality of our reefer containers, and reassures safe and reliable transportation and storage of temperature-sensitive products. Contact us to get your HACCP compliant reefer.


Please download our HACCP certification here

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