Support and Sponsorships

Our Way of Giving Back to the Community

Charity and sponsoring good causes has always been a major part of our values. We enjoy giving back to the community, and regularly sponsor a number of young athletes and local sports clubs to help them achieve their goals.

FC St. Pauli

We are part of the official supporters’ network of the Hamburg-based football club FC St. Pauli. The club plays currently in the 2. Bundesliga, Germany’s second-highest division.

ProSki Oulu

We are one of the partners of the ProSki Oulu ski club in Finland.

Oskari Hökkä

We support the ProSki Oulu ski club athlete Oskari Hökkä in his career.


We support and sponsor local football club in Finland called FC OPA. Our partnership has been ongoing ever since the club was found.


We have been sponsoring and supporting Finnish football club, AC OULU, for several years in various ways.

Hercules YJ 09

We sponsor a youth football club called Hercules YJ 09 in Oulu, Finland.