Environmental Awareness

Even though our business areas are not considered the “greenest” fields of business, it does not mean we don’t care.

From the founding day of the MC CONTAINERS GROUP, we have constantly been looking for better solutions. We believe there is always room for improvement and that we need to take care of the next generations.

In 2023, we decided to take environmental awareness to the next level. We are committed to lowering our CO2 emissions in the future and compensating for the CO2 production in our own terminals.

The only way to effectively evolve in the right direction is to first determine where we stand currently. To get our hands on this data, we had an independent party conduct a Greenhouse Gas Statement for the MC Containers’ main production facilities in Oulu and Vihti, Finland, for the year 2022. You’ll find links to the reports at the bottom of this page.

The reports show that we are already doing things to diminish the environmental effects of our operations. Some of our concrete actions are:

  • We keep our warehouses and terminals in good condition and we search for the most effective way of heating and energy usage. 
  • We have Solar Panels installed at our main terminal in Oulu, Finland.

The reports conclude that the total amount of CO2 emissions produced at our two main terminals is 65,45 tonnes of CO2 equivalent. To compensate for this, we are cooperating with a partner to plant pine seedlings in peatland retired from peat production. During the lifecycle of these seedlings and the maintenance of the eventual forest, they will create a carbon sink to absorb CO2 from the environment.

See the attachments for more information about the emissions reports and the partner program for emissions compensation.