MC Containers

We are a global full-service supplier of intermodal containers and modular spaces. No matter your industry and whether you want to buy, lease or have a custom-made special container – we’ve got you covered!

We also provide container logistics related services, such as container maintenance, transportation and forwarding, so that you can focus on your core business – wherever you are.

What we do for you

Our goal is to make PURCHASING and RENTING CONTAINERS simple for our customers. To achieve this, we provide extensive amounts of information, including sizes, examples of common usage and possible add-ons, readily available on our website. Besides our substantial product pages, we also offer valuable information about containers IN OUR BLOG.

If you’re ever on the fence about which container type would best suit your needs, you can CALL, EMAIL OR VISIT US IN MULTIPLE EUROPEAN LOCATIONS. Discussing your needs with a container expert will help you make an educated decision.

Sometimes, however, the standard solutions won’t cut it. During our many years in the container business, we have built numerous custom-made container solutions for our customers all over the world. Options for modifications are virtually endless, and there really is no such a thing as too big or too small a modification for us to handle. Don’t just take our word for it – instead, take a look at our RECENT SPECIAL CONTAINER PROJECTS.

Regardless of if you decide to buy, lease or rent from us, you will benefit from our EXTENSIVE CONTAINER LOGISTICS SERVICES.

How we do it

Our expert knowledge and strong family values make us stand out from our competitors. At MC Containers, we value a speedy, reliable and high-quality service to ensure our customers remain 100% satisfied.

  • International HQ in Hamburg and 5 other offices in Europe
  • Over 80 container depots worldwide
  • A global network of partners
  • 100% family-owned company striving for excellence and great customer service
  • Over 15 years of experience in containers and logistics


Replies within 24 hours

Because we hate to keep anyone waiting, we promise to reply to all enquiries and questions regarding our services within 24 hours

Experts at your service

With years of combined experience in containers and logistics, we guarantee that you will receive a professional and personal service every time – we will always go that extra mile

Our customers love us

The majority of our customers that have previously used MC Containers for their varied container needs are more than happy to recommend us, and with over 1000 customers worldwide that keep coming back for more, we must be doing something right.

Over 80 depots, 6 offices and a strong network of partners

With 6 European offices, over 80 international container depots, and a strong network of partners around the world, you will always be able to connect with us and solve your container needs whether it is buying a new container or designing a special container, at MC Containers we have you covered!