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We are a global full-service supplier of intermodal containers and modular spaces. No matter your industry and whether you want to buy, lease or have a custom-made special container – we’ve got you covered!

We also provide container logistics related services, such as container maintenance, transportation and forwarding, so that you can focus on your core business – wherever you are.

How we work


There are many players in the field of Containers but who knows the details? We focus on being the experts in our selected fields. Our firm belief is that it’s better to find the best solution to each case instead of offering a mass solution. If you ever wonder why we ask so many questions; It's because we want to understand you to get the best result. Working with us you don’t have to be the expert, this is our job. Let us know what you need, and we find the best solution every time.


Being versatile is a common statement for many companies but we live by our word. This means we always have 50+ container models available, suitable for every need. Standard containers are not enough? Then we modify containers into unique masterpieces in our workshops or build them from scratch in our partner factory. The difference is that we do the modifications ourselves in-house. This allows us to be flexible and fast compared to using subcontractors.


Being able to serve worldwide is our core DNA. Our slogan “wherever you are” means that we serve you in almost every location in the world. We speak over 6 languages so you can get local service in most parts of the world. Our containers have been delivered to every continent of the world and we love a good challenge to find the best transport options to remote locations! Most of us have been in the shipping and container business for over 5 years, giving us a very good understanding of how things need to be done.

Mattson Group

Mattson Group is a 100% family-owned group of companies operating in the field of Containers, Shipping and Stevedoring.  All companies within our group operate closely together and share the same values to help our clients to achieve the best possible results.

Mattson Group consists of the following companies:



Our story started in 2004 in Northern Finland where our founder Ralf Mattson established Oulun Konttivuokraus Oy. Prior to this, Ralf had been working in shipping and transportation since the 1980s with multiple other companies. Over the years, the company experienced steady growth, with our core competencies and values remaining our guiding principles.

The year 2015 marked the start of a new era with the current CEO Jesse Mattson returning to the Family business to open our first international office in Hamburg. A year later in 2016, we expanded to Sweden with the establishment of Mattson Containers AB to respond to the growing demand from Scandinavia. During the years 2015-2022, the company grew fast with building our own terminals and depots in Oulu and Vihti (Helsinki), Finland.

In 2022, Mattson Stevedoring was established as its own company, operating prior under the Finnish company Oulun Konttivuokraus Oy. With its own terminals, depots, personnel and machines, Mattson Stevedoring has grown rapidly serving international and local partners in Finland.

Over the years we have grown to serve clients worldwide and our employee count is currently over 30 persons. This has not changed the base values of our operations. We want to be real experts in our field who always find the best solution to any possible location.

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