A Unique Solution For Our Client

45 m² showroom built of Premium containers

We built our client a completely unique, ready to go space including containers, furniture, decals and promotional materials.

Changes we made

  • Two new 7 m x 3,3 m containers with glass walls and client’s colors
  • Terrace
  • Custom furniture
  • Air-source heat pump
  • Decals on inner and outer surfaces
  • Logo box on the roof
  • Installment of equipment indoors
The glass walls make the spaces bright and the container look extraordinary. We also built a logo box on top of the container. 
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The space is put together from two premium office container in the customer's colors. 
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A wide terrace in front of the space. 
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A room divider was built inside the container, with a display and speakers on it's other side. 
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The other side of the divider serves a closet with sliding glass doors. 
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Inner walls were taped to fit the container's theme. 
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The container has lots of stuff on display, as it is working as a training and exhibit space. 
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