Light festival

Valoa Oulu! Festival
Find out how our customer used our containers in a light installation.
Baseline and needs

Valoa Oulu! festival has been giving people in Oulu light treatment in dark autumn nights annually since 2013. In 2015 it was held in Oulu’s market square.

Producer Anna Lanas contacted us once again after years of co-operation in need for a warm space with the possibility to project Pierre Audrit’s The Haunted House of the Harbour light installation.

Solution and implementation

We used two special containers – a 20′ glass container with 3 glass walls and a small 10′ office container to project the installation from two directions. We delivered and installed the containers and furniture into one entity (office furniture, heaters, stairs and container legs).

Asiakkaan kommentit

Thank you to MC Containers for great co-operation in the Valoa Oulu! festival! I am once again especially pleased with fast and always so pleasant customer service. MC Containers does their work scrupulously and makes sure their customer is satisfied.

– Anna Lanas, producer, Valoa Oulu! festival

20' glass container in action
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The installment looked great!
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Projection coming from two of our containers.
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10' office container with legs.
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