Pirate ship for children

Transporting a pirate ship to a theme park.
Vauhtipuisto is a theme park for children and child minded people in Oulu, Finland. MC Containers has transported rides of all sorts for them over the years. This time it was a pirate ship!
Baseline and needs

Located in Oulu’s Hietasaari, Vauhtipuisto is an amusement park built for children and childlike minded. For years, MC Containers has brought everything from carousels to roller coasters to Vauhtipuisto from all over the world. Mr. Kalle Komulainen who is in charge of Vauhtipuisto contacted us once again in need of getting a new ride to Oulu, this time a pirateship.

Solution and implementation

The pirateship was originally located in Vaasa, Finland, where MC Containers took care of taking the ride apart and loading it ready for transportation. When the ship arrived at Vauhtipuisto, we lifted it to the correct place and put it back together. The case as a whole worked like a charm and MC Containers will also be delivering Vauhtipuisto’s next new ride, this time all the way from Italy.

Asiakkaan kommentit

MC Containers has transported amusement park rides for us from all over the world and our collaboration has always been seamless, so there was no reason not to have them do it this time as well. The ride arrived safely to the right place at the right time with no hassles whatsoever.

Kalle Komulainen, Ringmaster, Vauhtipuisto Oulu

We dropped off the pirate ship in Vauhtipuisto, while the containers aboard went elsewhere.
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Thanks to the crane truck, there was no problem in getting the ship over the park's fences.
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The pirate ship was delivered to it's location perfectly on time.
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And so the summer of little pirates was saved.
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