Special handling system

Containers, forwarding and packaging for a special lift.
Our long time parter, Steeldone Group needed help with delivering a large lift aboard a vessel. We provided them the whole package.
Baseline and needs

Our long time business partner Steeldone Group got in contact with us concerning Statoil’s “Åsgard Subsea Compression” project. They needed containers and forwarding services for building and transportation of an SHS 420 special handling system.

The SHS 420 is designed to handle large underwater sub sea modules and in this project it was installed on the client’s site, the North Sea Giant vessel.

Solution and implementation

The collaboration began by shipping raw materials and machinery needed for building the system to Steeldone’s factory in Raahe, Finland. After being built, the finished SHS 420 was delivered to the North Sea Giant vessel.

MC Containers was involved in this project by offering containers and forwarding services. We also offered our expertice and services in transporting the finished handling system from the factory to the vessel which, after loading, went on to the Statoil project site in Norway.

Asiakkaan kommentit

We needed containers and forwarding services for the SHS 420 project. We have been doing business together with MC Containers for years so we used their services in this project also. Their service is always customer friendly, trustworthy and professional. They do as promised and find solutions in the toughest situations!

Tanja Rautio, Project Co-ordinator, Steeldone Group Northern Europe

We provided containers, forwarding and packaging/unloading services required for the project.
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The special handling equipment in all it's glory!
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