YleXPop 2015

Glass containers for broadcasting TV and radio broadcasts
YleXPop is a concert organized by Finnish radio channel YleX, bringing the biggest pop acts in Finland on one stage each year. For their concert in Oulu, YleX was looking for innovative facilities for broadcasting the event over Finland on television and radio
Baseline and needs

YleXPop is a free concert organised yearly by the Finnish YleX radio station, bringing together the stars of the Finnish music world. The concert has been held in Finland in cities such as Helsinki and Tampere, and in 2015, it was Oulu’s turn.

YleX and the City of Oulu were looking for a cooperation partner to supply the space for making radio and TV broadcasts concerning the concert in a new and innovative way.

Solution and implementation

The event organizers chose glass containers that offered an excellent shelter from the weather and enabled shooting the TV broadcasts indoors. For radio broadcasting, the glass containers had one non-transparent wall to offer a peaceful working environment to the journalists.

Asiakkaan kommentit

We were extremely happy with the services of Oulun Konttivuokraus and the functionality of the glass containers in the festival infra of YleXPop and YleXPop Etkot. With the containers, we were able to create an original and impressive look for the event.

In addition to being visually highly modifiable, the containers provided shelter from the weather and enabled  things to be stored securely and locked up.

Jarkko Halunen, Producer, City of Oulu / event unit

A full glass container making it's way to the market place.
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Glass containers in action.
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20' glass container with 3 glass walls used for radio broadcasting.
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20' glass container with 4 glass walls for TV broadcasting.
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