12 different uses for containers

A shipping container is an awesome starting point for different construction projects, such as pop-up stores or exhibition stands. With minor modifications and some imagination, a shipping container can become a very stylish installation.

We have gathered 12 different uses for containers found in different solutions around the world to this blog post. 

 If you have finished or are working on a container project of your own, would you like to share it with others? Send us a message and we’ll post your project on our blog. Be in touch: info@mccontainers.com.

1. A pool out of a container

Photo: https://theepic.wordpress.com/
A pool made out of a 40′, or 12m container with a ”DIY” method. You can read more about the project on the builder’s blog that contains both experiences and instructions for building the pool.

2. Bar container

A fully equipped pop-up bar at the Antwerp fair in 2016, made out of a shipping container. Do you have a used container on your yard and tools in your storage? Build a bar container and you are guaranteed to have the happiest neighbours around! 

3. Negotiation space

A negotiation space at a fair built above a flat rack container. This solution is very showy, and it can be built on both a 6m and a 12m flat.

4. A container house

Photo: Lankapropertyweb
One trend that is gaining a lot of traction in the world is a house made out of containers. This is a marvellous example of a container house! There will be a separate blog post on container houses a bit later. 

5. Temporary store

Containers work excellently as stores for example in summer events or during the time a permanent store is under renovation. There are ready-made solutions available, but a container store can also be custom-made. The picture shows a temporary ticket store located in the heart of Hamburg. 

6. Exhibition space

Are you looking for exhibition room for example for products or works of art? A container will meet this need with little effort – with or without modifications. The picture shows an exhibition room container near the main railway station in Hamburg. 

7. A billboard / advertising platform

Photo: Screenmakers
Do you need space for advertising, for example to a construction site or for launching a new product? Containers work as a fast and temporary ”advertising space” that can quickly be transferred to another location after the project. Handy! 

8. Art out of containers

Photo: Business Wire
Containers turned into art? Why not? Here is some container art from the Container Art Festival in Asia in 2009. 

9. A hotel out of containers

Photo: UniqHotels
If it is possible to do container houses, why not container hotels as well. A very showy container hotel, designed in Japan!

10. Playroom

Photo: Inhabitat
A somewhat unusual playroom for children, compiled out of used containers in America. 

11. Furniture

Photo: Inhabitat
Shipping containers and their parts are also used to design and make furniture. The picture shows an amazing chair at a Brazilian exhibition. 

12. Greenhouse

Photo: Saf-T-Box

Are you in need of a greenhouse? Make a greenhouse out of a used container, with or without electricity. The picture shows an example from America. 

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