FAQ 6: What should I know about the road transportation of containers?

In the sixth blog on frequently asked questions, we will discuss the differences between different transportation modes. We will try to shed some light on the alternatives that can be used in transporting containers in order to give you additional information for example for comparing offers on different means of transportation.

Sideloader delivery

Image: Korsu Oy, lähde:www.korsu.fi


With sideloader delivery, the truck is able to lift the container onto the truck and to lower it down to the ground without any additional machinery. The truck ”drops” the container next to the truck on the driver’s side, but it can’t lift it any further from the truck (cf. crane truck). The price for a sideloader delivery always contains lowering the container to the ground.

When you order transportation for a container, you will need to think in advance about whether the truck will have the space to drive to the delivery address and to lower the container down on the ground. You also need to consider which way you want the doors of the container to face, so that our driver knows which way to position the container on the truck. If it is not possible to drive a truck to the future location of the container, ask for a crane truck transportation.

Crane truck delivery

Hiab or crane truck delivery means that the container is delivered to the site with a truck that is equipped with its own crane. The crane machinery on the truck enables lifting the container on the truck and placing it down on the planned spot.

There are more options for the placement of the container with crane truck delivery, as the container can be lowered next to the truck with more precision. The general lift capacity with crane lorries is 3 to 6 metres, but the delivery can be made with a bigger crane truck as well if necessary.

Chassis / Free on Truck

The price for delivery on a chassis does not contain lowering the container on the ground at the site. Separate lifting machinery is always needed for these kinds of deliveries, as the trucks are not equipped for lifting.

Delivery on a chassis is more affordable than with a crane truck or a sideloader, since there are more lorries available and the delivery doesn’t require any lifting or additional working hours.

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