FAQ 10: Container accessories

Our final part of the blog series on frequently asked questions deals with container accessories and a few examples of the different uses of containers.

Interchangeable platform railings (cable and hook grasp)
Interchangeable platform railings fitted on to a 20′ storage container

Sometimes storage and shipping containers are equipped with interchangeable platform railings with either a cable lift or lifting hook possibility, which increases the possibilities for moving the container around. After the additional equipment has been added, the container can be handled with trucks that are equipped with cable or hook grasp, saving the need for a side loader truck or a crane lorry.

The installation for new containers can be performed at the factory or added afterwards to both new and used containers. The installation of interchangeable platform railings is quick (usually within 1-3 days of the order) and there are usually ready-made installation packages available directly at the warehouse. The suitable container models for this purpose are 20′ storage containers (including containers with an open-top or ones where the side opens up).  

We do not recommend installing interchangeable platform railings to office containers, as moving the container around after installation may harm the structure of the container, and render the container useless in worst-case scenario. Common problems after installation contain for example malfunctions with doors and windows and twisting of the container fuselage.

Access door

20′ storage container with an access door

Shipping and storage containers can be fitted with a separate access door to make it easier to use the container. A common solution is to install a door on to the long side of the container, if the container is used solely for storage or entrance through the double doors is not possible. The doors can be installed to both new and used containers and there are different size alternatives available. Our recommendation for the access door of a container is a fire-safe steel door that is a safe and durable solution in all circumstances.

Container legs

Different kinds of legs for containers

There are different kinds of legs available for containers that are used for lifting the container above the ground in order to make the usage and loading of the container easier. The suitable leg model is always dependent on the use and the required lifting height.


  • Trade show stalls
  • Events
  • Loading docks
  • Loading of the container
Stairs for a glass container at a light festival


If a container is set on two levels or on legs, it is almost always necessary to have stairs for the use of the container. There are different models of stairs and they can be custom-made to match each customer’s wishes.

Storage solutions

Containers meant for storage usage can be fitted with different kinds of storage solutions. Examples of these solutions are tire shelves, steel shelves, tool cabinets, clothing racks and assembly countertops. It is possible to fit the equipment into both rentable containers as well as for fully custom-made containers.

Electricity and lighting 
Electricity and lighting in a waste collection container

It is possible to add electricity and lighting that is fitted to the container before use. The ready-made package usually contains two ceiling lamps, a switch, two sockets, a fuse box and a power current socket outside the container. These can be fitted regardless of the size of the container. The actual assembly is always done by a trained electrician so that we can guarantee the quality and the safety of the work.

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