20′ Office Container, Premium

The 20′ Premium office container is our popular office container model and perfect all-rounder units. It provides ca. 15 m² insulated and fully equipped, ready made space. Our office containers are designed for all year round use, even in harsh Nordic weather conditions. All office containers are fully insulated and with this premium unit allows you to save lot on heating and cooling due to high end insulation.

All office containers are equipped with LED-light, heating, electricity and ventilation. We have two standard colors but we produce in all colors and combinations based on your requirement. Container can be equipped with glass walls, sliding windows, extra doors and air conditioning.

20′ Premium units can be combined together to form larger spaces. The placement of doors and windows can be customised based on your need. Available only in Europe.

Standard Colors

  • Light Grey RAL 7035
  • Dark Grey RAL 7024


  • Entry door with lock
  • 2 windows with alu-shutters
  • Electricity, LED-lights, heating
  • Ventilation

Walls 80 mm PUR
Floor 100 mm mineral wool
Roof  50 mm mineral wool + 50mm PIR


Length: 6050 mm, Width: 2430 mm, Height: 2790 mm

Inner dimensions

Length: 5840 mm, Width: 2220 mm, Height: 2520 mm. Capacity: 26 m3

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