Confoot CFP Container Legs

Confoot CFP container legs are designed for use especially on loading bridges, when you want the container attached to the bridge so that it’s doors can be fully opened. The easy to use legs withstand the maximum weight of 30 tons, so loading with a forklift is no problem.

Confoot legs have been statically and dynamically tested and measured with the very specific CF EN 283 testing program. Both the testing program and testing methods are certified.

  • Designed specifically for loading bridges, max. weight 30 tons
  • The container can be attached to the loading bridge so that it’s doors can fully open
  • The container can be loaded with a forklift while attached to the loading bridge
  • One leg weighs only 24 kg
  • Patended design
  • Only one person needed for installing

One set includes 2 CFP-legs and 2 CF-legs.