Beware of frauds on the container market

We have recently been contacted by customers and partners about potential frauds using our container photos to illegally sell containers online.

The recent container scammers have been reported to misuse the container pictures that we provide for our customers and partners on the MC Containers’ website. The frauds are offering container units to their victims based on our photos and using the container numbers visible in some of them to convince the potential buyer of the seller’s sincerity.

In the light of these recent reports, we kindly ask and strongly advise you to be cautious when buying and renting containers online. Always verify the contact info from the seller’s website and if you’re working with a new container supplier, please cross-check the seller’s authenticity first with your network.

We’d also like to remind you that you can find our legitimate contact info listed ON THE MC CONTAINERS’ CONTACT PAGE and these are the only email addresses and telephone numbers that we answer to. If you ever come across with any other email or phone number pretending to be us, please CONTACT US immediately. We thank you for your cooperation!

MC Containers is a trusted partner of European companies for containers and logistics. You can either ask for a quote through the quote cart on our website or call or email us.

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