Cabotage Summer Offer

Book our containers FOR FREE/MINIMAL COSTS to ship your cargo from Rotterdam / Hamburg to Sweden / Finland.

Here are the greatest money-saving benefits of using shipper’s own containers (SOC) in a nutshell:

  • Free / minimal costs for loading and unloading time = more flexibility to your projects
  • No return-to-pickup-location fees from remote locations such as Sweden or Finland = more money in your pocket

And here is our current special offer:

  • Pickup from: Rotterdam / Hamburg
  • Return to: Sweden / Finland
  • Container types: 40HCDD, 20ft DV, 40ft DV, 40ft HC
  • Cost: 60 days free, after that only 2 USDs per day

Want to take us up on the offer? You’ll find our contact info below.

P.S. Ask us about using SOCs from and to other destinations as well!

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