Container exhibition continues national tour

A&DO Lab is an exhibition built inside two side-opening shipping containers. The current stop is at Tampere, Finland, from April 25th to May 22nd.

A&DO Lab is a nationwide exhibition that tours around Finland in 2021–2023 and enables citizens of all ages to conveniently visit the exhibition in and around their daily lives.

The concept of the current container exhibition is groundbreaking in Finland and was inspired by some of the renowned touring exhibitions around the world. Similar implementations are, for example, the V&A Dundee exhibition bus in Scotland and the M+ museum exhibition truck in Hong Kong.

”Containers themselves are interesting examples of design”, says Hanna Kapanen, Educational Curator at Design Museum in Helsinki and the Executive Producer behind the A&DO Lab. So what would be a better venue for an exhibition about architecture and design than two shipping containers!

”The containers have given us the perfect setting for the exhibition activities that open up to the city space helping us reach new visitors. The exhibition is easily accessible and containers that land in unexpected places raise curiosity and invite passers-by to take a look inside”, Kapanen tells about the container exhibition.

MC Containers was introduced to the project by the A&DO Lab organizers. ”We were looking for a partner who cares about the wellbeing of children, and MC Containers has previously made efforts to enable children and young people to pursue their hobbies”, Kapanen enlightens the choice of container partner for the project.

The exhibition has been built inside two grey OPEN SIDE SHIPPING CONTAINERS from MC Containers. As the name states, shipping containers are made to travel the seas but due to their standard sizing, they can be transported inexpensively by road and railroad as well. As an added bonus, the exhibition can be packed up and locked securely inside the containers during the night and transportation.

At the location, the containers are unloaded so that the long sides with the side opening doors are facing each other. This way the containers and the space in between them create a natural environment for e.g. lectures and other gatherings. The side opening doors are kept wide open during the opening hours but they can also be used to block the view to create a more intimate learning environment. The side opening doors also double up as additional wall space to hang more learning materials. The containers are equipped with a 230V Caravan power supply which allows for e.g. spotlights to be used to highlight certain parts of the exhibition.

A&DO Lab started out its national tour from Lahti on August 30th till September 30th 2021. ”A&DO Lab was open to all citizens in the Lahti region. Also, over 1250 pupils and teachers from local schools visited the exhibition on guided tours provided by the Lahti City Basic Education Culture Program. The exhibition also featured weekly public programs with e.g. architectural tours and online content”, Kapanen continues.

You are welcome to visit the container exhibition at Tampere or through the 3D EXHIBITION ONLINE (IN FINNISH).

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