Glass container on a roof top

Container delivery on top of a 40-meter high building on a busy street? No problem!

One of the major Finnish online retailers,, wanted a glass container on top of their roof terrace in Helsinki. Our role in the project was to work as a one-stop partner who would handle everything from renting the container to coordinating the transportation and lifting.

It was clear from the very beginning that delivering a container on top of a 40-meter building in the busy streets of Helsinki was going to be a demanding project that requires much more planning and coordination compared to a basic lifting gig.

Juha from the MC Containers Finnish office coordinated everything all the way from timetables to lift plans, location checks and any necessary permits together with our transportation and lifting partners and the city of Helsinki.

It was agreed that the container would be transported on-site free on truck after which the mobile truck driver would take charge. The equipment chosen for the project was a 200-ton mobile truck with a special crane to be able to dismount the container 20 meters away from the edge of the building.

On the day of the lift, traffic on the street next to the building was stopped and the container arrived at the location as discussed. Risto from the MC Containers Helsinki depot was on-site to attach and detach the lifting chains of the container and to constantly communicate with the driver of the mobile truck through a walkie-talkie.

The container that was chosen is a 6×3,2m glass container with one long side made of durable safety glass which mirrors the scenery on top of the building brilliantly. The container is also equipped with an air heat pump for convenient temperature control. Most importantly, the glass container provides much-needed shelter from the wind and other weather conditions that might occur on the roof terrace.

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