New container depot in Finland

MC Containers has a new container depot near the capital in southern Finland.

MC Containers’ operations on the international market have been successful and the amount of international container requests has risen significantly during the past few months.

In order to keep up with the demand, we have acquired a new container depot in southern Finland near the Finnish capital, Helsinki. The new depot helps us serve our Finnish customers faster and more efficiently, leaving more capacity for our international customers in other European depot destinations. Services we provide at the new depot site include alterations, rentals and spare part deliveries.

”The amount of deliveries in the Helsinki region has grown considerably during the past 24 months, so it’s crucial for us to have a depot near our customers in southern Finland. At the new depot we can deliver container modifications to meet our high quality standards, which, in turn, will free up capacity for international container requests in our other depot locations”, states Jesse Mattson, the person responsible for our international projects.

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