Toy Donation to a Children's Hospital

MC Containers has donated toys to a national children’s hospital in Finland.

We opted to donate the money reserved for Christmas presents to a good cause over this holiday season.

This time we chose a children’s hospital in the city of Oulu, Finland, where most of our special containers are modified daily.

There are five national university hospitals in Finland, and the number of minor patients staying overnight at one of these hospitals was a whopping 114 000 in 2021. Being the northernmost university hospital in Finland, the Oulu university hospital has the most geographical area to cover. This means that the children and their families have to travel quite far away from home to get the treatment the children need.

For this reason, we wanted to give this particular hospital a warm Christmas greeting in the form of a toy donation. The toys will be dealt to children staying at the hospital during this holiday season.

The wish of the hospital was to receive a broad range of toys unwrapped so that the personnel would be able to sort out the toys according to the ages and interests of the children. The majority of the children being from 3 to 13 years old, our donation included everything from soft toys to legos, games and craft supplies.

On behalf of the whole MC Containers’ crew, Pasi, Marko and Hilla from the Oulu office chose the toys and brought them to the hospital. The hospital personnel assured us that the donations will have a positive impact on the children staying at the hospital.

With this donation, we want to thank all our partners and customers for the year 2022.

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