Welcome onboard Raquel!

Raquel Machado de Melo has joined our international Operations team in Hamburg at the beginning of July 2023.

During her career, Raquel has already gathered a good understanding and a deep appreciation for global logistics.

Raquel explains: ”I’m passionate about living in a globalized world, where logistics becomes fundamental for the development of different sectors to which I can contribute with my work.” She continues: ”In my former job, I had a great mentor and leader who taught me that a strategic vision combined with value-added work can transform a rock into a jewel. International logistics can be stressful, but with organization and planning you can do amazing things, in any industry.”

Having already worked with freight forwarding in the past, Raquel wanted to switch her focus, and take a closer look at the world of containers and all the different uses they can have. In her current post as Sales and Operations Assistant, she will get to familiarize herself with all the different container types, since one of her main responsibilities is to coordinate container transports across the world. Raquel shares the responsibility with the MC Containers’ Operations Manager JORGE RIBEIRO.

Raquel found our open position on LINKEDIN. ”The MC Containers’ team is very helpful and always willing to lend a hand. I am excited to see the growth of the company and the potential markets with which I could provide more help,” says Raquel. Having been born in Brazil and lived in Spain for a big chunk of her life, she is proficient in many languages, including Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan and English. Undoubtedly, Raquel will prove to be a valuable addition to the growing MC Containers’ team.

Raquel is intrigued by many things and enjoys conversations about varying topics. ”I like to talk about the not-so-important things, like what is the smallest seed in the world or why Rayban glasses are called that way,” Raquel reveals. Her favorite free time activities are reading, watching series and playing boardgames in good company.

A warm welcome to MC Containers, Raquel!

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