20' Special coloured insulated container with a water tank

Here’s how we tailormade an ordinary 20′ shipping container into a transportable storage space that fits the customer’s needs.

Our customer needed a transportable storage space that would be sturdy enough to conceal a sizeable, custom-made water tank.

The project began with insulating a regular 20′ shipping container with PIR-insulation. The inside of the container was split into two unequal parts by a partition wall so that the bigger side would eventually be filled with a sizeable custom-made water tank.

The smaller space left on the other side of the partition wall was split into two with another partition wall. These miniature spaces were equipped with LED lighting and storage shelves. Two access doors were installed on the long sides to provide access to these two miniature storage spaces.

The outside walls of the container were pre-treated and painted in a special color chosen by the customer. The container was also equipped with interchangeable platform railings to make moving the container easier.

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Project details


  • Outside walls were sandblasted and painted with a color chosen by the customer.
  • Access doors with secure Abloy locks on each long side of the container.
  • Double doors as standard on one of the short sides.
  • Interchangeable platform railings with both a cable lift and a lifting hook.


  • PIR insulation.
  • A sizeable, built-in water tank that fills most of the container’s inner capacity.
  • Behind the access doors, there are two separate smaller spaces filled with fixed shelves.
  • LED lighting and electrification.
  • Natural ventilation

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