2x20' insulated double-space

A spacious, insulated double-space made of two 20′ DC shipping containers.

The goal was to combine two shipping containers into one big space by removing the opposite long walls from each container. The other container was also fitted with an access door to allow easy access inside the container.

The roofs, walls and double doors in both containers were covered with 100mm EI60 fire-rated insulation elements, which means that the final capacity of the container is ca 54 cubic meters. Even the container floors were insulated but the installation was done from beneath the containers with 50mm XPS so that the floor insulation wouldn’t take up any additional room inside the container. Two air vents were also installed to make the air circulate naturally inside the finished container space.

One of the containers was already in the color requested by the customer which meant that only one of the containers was sandblasted and painted in the shade RAL 3000. Also, the new access door was finished off with the same exterior color.

The 20′ containers were transported to the customer individually. We installed temporary plastic walls where the removed container walls once stood, to prevent road dust from getting inside the containers during transport. Equipment such as the container locks, bitumen insulation and moldings were included to make combining the containers on-site as simple as possible.

Containers depict modular building at its best. Shipping containers can be tailored to fit many needs and circumstances for example by removing walls and adding special equipment inside the container. Contact us about your own container project and let’s make it happen together!

Project details

  • Ceiling, walls and double doors insulated with 100mm EI60 fire-rated sandwich element.
  • Floor insulation 50mm XPS.
  • Moldings.
  • Air vents 4pcs.
  • Access door.
  • Sandblasting and painting the container exterior walls with RAL 3000.
  • Container locks, bitumen insulation and moldings to cover the gap in between the containers.

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