Bright 40' business premise

Taking down parts of the walls transformed this used HC shipping container into a bright and movable business space.

Parts of the container walls were removed to bring as much natural light in as possible. Windows will be post-installed to the container to provide weather protection without blocking the sun light.

Ten vertical support posts were installed where the walls once stood to support the weight of the container roof and the windows. In between the vertical support posts, even an additional horizontal post was welded in place for support. Due to these support posts, the container structure is sturdy enough for the wooden roof terrace that was also added to the container.

The container walls were painted black and the remaining container walls were covered with stylish wood cladding for visual interest. Electricity and double sockets were installed both inside and outside to make the space function as a convenient business premise.


Shipping containers can be transformed in countless ways to work as stunning business, exhibition or event spaces. If you got inspired to design your own space, be in touch with us and let’s together create a container solution that fits your needs like a glove. You’ll find our contact form below.


Project details

  • The project started with a used 40′ (12 m) HC shipping container that was painted black.
  • Shipping container walls were removed from three sides of the container to make room for the post-installation of windows. Support posts were welded in place to strengthen the structure so that the windows and the wooden roof terrace could be installed.
  • Electricity and double sockets with a 16A power supply were installed to the container.
  • Wood cladding and a wooden roof terrace were installed to the container.

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Regional Director EU and International

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