Delicious sales booth for ice cream

This deliciously pink sales container is guaranteed to stand out in the cityscape during the summer.

First of all, to fit the customer’s need, we cut a 20′ DC container to the desired inner length of ca 4,3 meters.

On the long side of the container, we cut a 4,2-meter-long square opening for the gas-spring-operated sales hatch. The final sales hatch folds 90 degrees in two places (check the photos), which gives our customer some additional advertising space that is visible to passers-by from afar. The sales hatch can easily be opened and closed with the help of the welded pull handle on the hatch door and the tool that comes with the container. Beneath the sales hatch, we welded steel brackets to support the new wooden sales counter.

In order to fix some vertical storage inside the container, we welded 4pcs of furniture pipes on the other long side to hold the weight of the new shelves. On the opposite short side of the double doors, we installed an access door to make moving in and out of the container easier. As an added safety measure, we welded a horizontal safety latch with a place for a lock on the access door.

After these structural changes were finished, the container was sandblasted and painted on the outside and inside with the delicious light pink color, RAL 3015, you see in the photos.

After painting, the container was tailored to become an efficient ice cream booth. The container floor was covered with grey plastic carpet and the floor drain was installed. Electrical appliances such as the LED lights, double sockets, water heater and duct fan were installed to increase the comfort of use. The container has a 16A power supply with a protective case.

Are you interested in a similar implementation or would you like to design the sales container of your dreams? Opportunities are endless so contact us via the form below and let’s continue the discussion about your needs!

Project details

  • 20′ DC shipping container was cut to inner length of 4340mm
  • Sales hatch with gas springs and a pull handle
  • Access door and safety latch with a place for a lock
  • 4pcs furniture pipes for vertical storage shelves
  • Sandblasting and painting with RAL 3015
  • Plastic carpet
  • 1pcs floor drain and cover
  • 2pcs air vents with grille
  • 16A power supply with a protective case
  • Electricity, double sockets, 2pcs LED lights
  • 1pcs duct fan
  • A wooden sales counter

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