Stylish storage solution

We built a ready-to-use, year-round storage space out of a 6-meter shipping container.

Naturally, the most important thing when it comes to a storage unit is functionality.

In this case, it meant mounting three sturdy shelve units inside the container so that they wouldn’t budge during transport or fall over when the customer is filling the shelves. We also equipped the container with a separate access door so that the door could be opened using only one hand while carrying a storage box in the other.

This storage unit was transported to a customer in Finland for year-round use. This, in turn, meant that the container would have to be insulated and have a heater inside to reassure steady temperatures during the cold winter months. A small but significant detail we also added is the outdoor light installed right above the access door, which will help people to navigate their way to the storage unit.

Simple ideas often deliver the best outcome. We do shipping container modifications from simple changes to complex modifications. CONTACT US and let’s design your next container space together.

Technical details

Basic info

  • New 20′ HC shipping container in the color RAL 9005


  • 40mm PIR insulation on the ceiling, walls and double doors
  • 50mm XPS insulation under the floor
  • 2pcs air vents
  • Moldings finish up the space
  • Lockable steel access door in the same color as the container


  • Appliance inlet 16A/400V 5 pin
  • Wires inside electrical conduit pipes
  • 1pcs switchboard
  • 2pcs LED + power switch
  • 1pcs double socket
  • 1pcs heater with thermostat
  • Outdoor light above the access door

Matti Gossler

Regional Director EU and International

Tel. +49 172 41 00 428

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