FAQ 1: The lifespan of a container

In this blog series, we answer 10 of our most frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Shipping containers are made out of corten steel, which means that they tolerate extreme conditions (wind, water, fire, ice, salt, sun) and rough treatment very well. The containers are primarily used for maritime transport for the first 5-14 years, after which they are passed on to other uses.

The containers released from maritime transport are very suitable for storage space. Used shipping containers can usually be used for storage for ten years after the end of freight usage, and a whole lot longer if the containers are well looked after. Service procedures that elongate the lifespan of a container include for example painting, patching up holes, replacing gaskets, repairing locking bars as well as replacing or repairing the floor.

New shipping containers usually arrive to Europe from China. The lifespan of new containers is very long – a container being used for storage purposes only can last over 30 years. New containers do not need any service for several years.

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