FAQ 1: Container’s Working Life

In our first blog series, we answer to the 10 most frequently asked questions from through the years.

Shipping containers are built from corten steel, so they can withstand very demanding weather conditions (wind, water, fire, ice, salt, sun) and tough handling. The containers are usually in freight use at sea for 5-14 ytears, after which they are released for other uses. 

After the shipping container has done it’s duty in shipping freight, they are perfectly usable as storage saces for another decade, and if maintained well, even much longer times. Life prolonging maintenance procedures include painting, patching holes, changing sealings, fixing/changing lock poles and fixing up the floor.

New shipping containers usually come to Europe from China. A new container’s lifespan is very long – if used for storing, the container can easily be used for over 30 years. New containers can go without maintenance for years. 

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