Locking the containers

We are often asked about locking the containers, so here’s a small info package on the subject!


Container locks

NOTE! The locks on the storage containers (see the picture on the right) don’t actually lock the container, even though they are called locks. They actually refer to the door handles of the containers that can be locked with a separate padlock. These kinds of locks can be found on nearly all of the containers based on a shipping container/storage container.

Our recommendation is to use a high-quality and durable lock as a padlock, for example, locks approved by your local insurance companies.


Lockboxes provides more security in affordable and easy way.The box will effectively protect the lock from attempts to a break-in, as it rules out using bolt cutters or hammers to break the lock, for example. The lock is installed inside the lockbox and needs to be a bit narrower than usual (the lock ring being about 8mm) so that it can be placed from underneath. Lockboxes are now days pretty standard equipment on new containers made in China but there are also more secure options available. If you own used container without lockbox you can buy them as aftermarket part with prices starting low as 60€ and installations can be done just with 2 bolts within 20min.

In case you need better security we sell also high class lockboxes that are tested with leading test providers and are classified to EU classes 4-6. These are almost everytime approved by the insurance companies and provide high level of security for your container!

A lock on a glass container

Some of our container models (office containerssanitary containers etc.) have different doors than in storage containers, and these doors contain a lock-in themselves. The locks on a glass container resemble the ones on European balconies, and they are opened in a slightly different way compared to normal locks, which has sometimes caused some confusion. Instructions with pictures for using the locks on glass containers can be found on our website, video instructions on our Youtube channel.

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