FAQ 3: CSC, DC, DD, OT – Guide to container abbreviations and terms

There is a huge amount of international terms and abbreviations associated with containers. Here we have gathered some commonly used terms.

40′ Flat Rack -Container


DC (Dry Cargo) / DV (Dry Van) A normal shipping container.
HC (High Cube) A raised container that is approx. 30 cm higher than a normal (DC) container.
ISO-Container A container that meets the international measurement standards for shipping.
FR (Flat Rack) A special container with no walls or roof.
DD (Double Door) A container that has doors at both ends, i.e. a tunnel container.
OS / Open Side / FSA (Full-side access) A container where the side can be opened in addition to the end.
OT / Open Top This type of container has a tarpaulin roof that can be fully opened contrary to normal shipping containers. Also available as a Hard Top with an openable steel roof.
Tarpaulin wall A container where the long sides are made of tarpaulin, giving full-side access to the container.
RF (Reefer Container) A freezer container / container with a cooling/heating machine.


Tare  The dead weight of the container
CSC (Convention of Safe Container) A container that has been classified seaworthy.
Depo Warehouse where containers are stored.
WWT (Wind & Water Tight) A container that is watertight and suitable for storage
Max Payload The maximum allowed cargo weight.
Max Gross Weight The maximum allowed combined weight (container + cargo).
TEU The international twenty-foot equivalent unit for containers. 20′ (6m) = 1 TEU.

Owner marking in the container ID (contains 4 letters, e.g. OULU, MTBU …).

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