FAQ 7: What sized storage container do I need?

We are asked on a daily basis, ”what type of storage container do I need?”. Every case is of course different, and there’s not one answer we can give, but here are a few common examples.

A space for farm equipment

”I need more storage space for machines and vehicles on my farm. What would be the best solution?”
The most common way to go would be to buy or rent a 20′ SHIPPING CONTAINER. It’s a water-tight, fireproof and durable solution. When storing valuable equipment, remember to make sure you have a LOCKBOX installed! A lockbox is an easy way to protect the container from burglars and makes it easier to deal with insurance companies in case somebody does break in. If you don’t have one, insurance companies usually take 10 % off the amount insured. New containers always have a lockbox, but used containers sometimes don’t.

For storing furniture

”I have a 45 m2 flat and have to store all my belongings during a trip abroad. What kind of container do I need?

Furniture in a container

Furniture from a 40-55 m2 flat will usually fit inside a BASIC 20′ SHIPPING CONTAINER, depending on if the loose items are packed in moving boxes or separately. In one moving box, you can usually fit stuff worth 1 m2, and you can fit approximately 45 moving boxes on the container’s floor surface. In addition to that, they can also be packed on top of each other.

If you need to store items during the winter months and you have many paintings, textiles etc. that cannot withstand moisture, we recommend getting an INSULATED CONTAINER. The inside temperature of an insulated container is higher and steadier compared to a non-insulated container, hence, resulting in less condensation moisture. We also have CARGOSORB DESICCANTS for preventing moisture build-up.

In case of water damage

”Our home suffered a water damage and we need a space for our furniture so we can start renovating. We live in a 120 m2 detached house. How big a container do we need?” 

We’d suggest getting either two 20′ shipping CONTAINERS or one 40′ Shipping CONTAINER. The advantage of getting two smaller containers is that you can access the items inside more conveniently. It might be difficult to get stuff from the back of a 40′ long container that’s packed full. In winter time, we suggest getting an INSULATED CONTAINER (see the previous answer).

Getting tools safe in a construction site 

”We’re building a detached house and need a water and burglar safe place for our tools. What kind of container do we need?”

Mini storage containers (6′, 8′ and 10′) are perfect for this purpose. They fit in a small space and can easily be moved from one place to another for example with a forklift. Storage containers are very durable, and new containers have a LOCKBOX as standard, and one can be installed on used ones that don’t.

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