40′ Insulated Container

Insulated 40′ containers offer affordable, secure, warm and dry storage space for all year round storage – even in the harshest Nordic winters. Basic models include pair doors and ventilation. Insulated containers can be equipped with several accessories, ranging from lights to ready made workshops.

New Used 40' Double Door at short end Insulation

Product addons


40′ i.e. 12 m insulated containers is our largest r most common and popular model. This container model is your choice if you need storage space with no moisture problems. The thick 40mm PIR insulation prevents moisture from condensing inside your container, keeping what’s inside dry. We use PIR insulation for the walls, door and ceiling of our insulated containers. The interior walls are white steel sheets, so this bright space is not only easy to keep clean but it is also moisture-resistant. PIR insulation does not turn mouldy or lose its insulation capacity and, based on a smaller amount of insulation, offers up to 50% better insulation results than wool, enabling maximal use of internal measurements for storage We supply our containers with mouldings that provide a stylish finishing touch to the carefully designed whole. You can select a new or used container as the frame for your container, which we will fit with insulation.

The 12m insulated container’s standard accessories include double doors at the end, and disc valves for ventilation. We can also add other accessories, such as lighting, heating and shelves.  We recommend a radiator for winter storage, with the heating unit equipped with a thermostat maintaining a steady temperature.  Other common installations include inlets, improved ventilation and footings for installed equipment. The container floor is insulated from below with 50 mm XPS, matching the floor’s load capacity with the container’s default value, i.e. more than 25,000 kg. This also makes loading with a pallet jack easy as there is no extra threshold.  The 40′ insulated container is built using an ISO standard compliant marine container, so that it has a lifetime of several decades and can be transported by road like a standard container.

For international freight purposes, we can offer SOC insulated containers.  These SOC containers are suitable for international transport like normal containers. They are equipped with a valid CSC plate+stamp and meet ISO requirements. Please note that the floors of SOC containers are not insulated and that ventilation is implemented with the container’s own ventilation valves. Requests for SOC equipment must be declared when placing an order!

We also offer older containers as part of our rental equipment stock at an affordable price, complete with e.g. XPS insulation. Contact our sales department to enquire about today’s selection of available options.

Standard equipment

  • Walls, ceiling and doors insulated with 40–60mm PIR or with EI60 100mm MW
  • Floor insulated underneath 50mm XPS
  • Two ventilation valves
  • Mouldings

Basic details

  • Marine container compliant with the ISO Standard
  • Double doors at the end with a welded protective case. Locked using a padlock.
  • Load capacity: Container default, i.e. approximately 25-30,000 kg
  • Floor: Container plywood or bamboo (container default flooring)
  • Container weight: 3,800-4,400 kg depending on the model
  • Transport: Standard transport similar to a marine container, not suitable for train or marine traffic (requires a SOC model)
  • Manoeuvring: Corner castings, reach stacker, crane or container handler.

New container

  • New marine container that has been used once
  • Protective case supplied as part of the standard equipment
  • Very clean, doors function without problems
  • Long lifetime and minimal requirement for maintenance
  • New insulation

Used container

  • Watertight container
  • Age 7-15 years, external signs of use
  • Protective case supplied as additional equipment
  • Requires maintenance, e.g. rusting
  • Doors occasionally require work and maintenance
  • New insulation




Length: 12192 mm, Width: 2440 mm, Height: 2590 mm

Inner dimensions

Length: 11900 mm, Width: 2220 mm, Height: 2325 mm.

Capacity: 61 m3



  • What does "handling fee" mean?

    Every time a container, whether it is a container for lease or sale, is moved around a depot, it requires a lift. The handling fee is a one-time cost that covers moving the container around in the depot areas. The fee is only applicable when you lease a container or have a one-way deal with us. We never charge you a handling fee when you buy a container outright, so there are no hidden costs.

  • What do the different container delivery options mean?

    It does not matter if you buy or lease a container; MC Containers can deliver it to you. We use a variety of container delivery methods, including the following container trucking methods:

    • Chassis / CPT (Carriage Paid To)
    • On ground / DAP (Delivered At Place)
    • FOT DEPOT / FCA (Free Carrier)

    Chassis delivery means that your new, used or modified container will be delivered to the destination on a container chassis. However, this service does not include removing it from the chassis. If you decide to buy a container, it is your responsibility to organize a crane or another piece of machinery to offload it. This is the most common container delivery method in Europe due to the better availability of trucks and cost effective rates.

    On Ground Deliveries are done with a truck that can drop the container to the ground with it’s own equipment. Normally, the container delivery is done using a side loader or a truck equipped with a crane. The standard delivery price includes 30-45 min of unloading time per container and any extra time is billed at an hourly rate. If you don’t have a crane available or cannot organize one then this is the best and only option for you.

    FOT DEPOT means Free on Truck in depot. With this container delivery method, the buyer is responsible for organizing a pickup from the chosen container depot. The seller will organize a lift to the chassis in the container depot, so you will not need a crane or side loader for the pickup.

  • Financial Lease

    Would you like to buy a container, but the price is just too much for your budget to pay in one payment? No worries, together with our partner we offer a flexible financial container lease service. We offer our clients the possibility of buying containers through a financial lease plan. This enables fast delivery with little capital investment. This payment type is only possible for clients with a European VAT ID.

    • Fast handling times and delivery of containers
    • Staggered affordable payments


    To order a shipping container through our lease plan service, the minimum order must be at least 500€, and the person leasing must have a European VAT number.

  • How long can a container be used?

    Shipping containers are made of corten steel. This sturdy material enables them to withstand extreme circumstances (wind, water, fire, ice, salt, sun) and any possible rough handling. A shipping container is used from 5-14 years for shipping; after this, they are released and used for other purposes, such as storage containers or modified container units for food and offices.

    Containers that are not used for shipping are perfectly suitable to be used as storage containers. If taken care of, a used shipping container can be used for storage up to 10 years. It is also possible to extend the storage container’s use by regular maintenance, such as, painting, patching holes, changing seals, fixing the floor and taking care of or changing twist locks.

    New shipping containers are usually brought to Europe from China. A new container can last anywhere up to 30 years when used as storage as long as it is looked after properly.