Helsinki depot expansion well on its way

The new container depot building is progressing according to plan and will be ready for use in May.

Less than a year ago, we told you about our plans to expand our depot in the Finnish capital area.

A lot has happened since we acquired the plot early last year. The construction site is developing according to the plan and is expected to be ready at the end of April.

To accompany the old depot building, we are building a new, heated hall where we will repair and modify shipping containers for our customers in the future. The walls and ceiling are all ready and we will soon be able to start pouring the floor concrete.

Additionally, we will do asphalt pavement all across the plot to give plenty of storage space for our own containers as well as for our customers who need temporary storage space for their goods in the Baltic Sea area.

Since container repairs and modifications will be done in the new building, the old facilities can be fully utilized as heated storage and for loading containers for our customers.

The new and improved container depot is located conveniently only ca 40 minutes away from the Port of Helsinki close to all the relevant means of transportation including airfreight, sea, road and railroad. The central location of the depot close to the Baltic Sea allows for a versatile selection of containers and cheaper transportation costs in the area. If you’re interested in our logistics services on the Baltic Sea, call us or send us an email describing your needs and we’ll get back to you soon.

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